2 New Export Contracts for Nexter

28.10.2009 Europe

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After last September’s order by the French Army for 15 helicopter SH 20 type retractable door mountings, the wide range of Nexter Systems weapons systems designed around the 20 M 621 cannon is once again successful thanks to 2 export orders.


In the aeronautical sector, Nexter Systems has just received an order from Eurocopter for 16 NC 621 pods to equip EC 635 helicopters.

The NC 621 pods may equip light planes as well as helicopters and is especially well suited for air-air and air-ground close range support fire, protection and self-defense missions. It remains the most powerful gun system, which may be integrated on a large variety of helicopters and planes.

In the naval sector, Nexter Systems has just received an order from the Lebanese Navy for 6 naval type 15A mounts to equip its patrol boats.

The ultra light 15A manual mount combines outstanding efficiency with exceptional integration qualities thanks to the 20 M 621 gun’s recoil stresses being lower than those of the 12.7 mm mounts and its light weight and reduced rotation radius. It is the ideal weapon for interception and self-defense missions, especially for small craft. Its very simple implementation also facilitates its use in operation and maintenance.

These latest orders obtained by Nexter Systems in the 20 mm weapon systems show the sharp interest for such systems which combine light weight, operational efficiency and exceptional integration qualities on a large range of carriers in the land, naval and aeronautical sectors.




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