FASGW/ANL Joint assessment phase

11.09.2009 Europe

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MBDA welcomes the announcement by the United Kingdom and France of the Joint Assessment Phase to develop a common solution for the next generation of a European helicopter anti-surface weapon.Commenting on the pronouncement, Antoine Bouvier, Chief Executive Officer said:

“FASGW/ANL is an excellent example of a co-operative programme whereby two separate legacy systems developed in the UK and France respectively are to be replaced by a common capability in this sector under the leadership of MBDA. This joint assessment phase is a clear demonstration of the added value an integrated defence company can bring to its customer nations; with MBDA helping both France and the United Kingdom to share their requirements to the benefit of their Armed Forces.”

This next phase also signals the considerable progress being made by Team CW.   In response, Steve Wadey, Managing Director of MBDA UK, said:

“The joint assessment phase for FASGW/ANL reinforces the benefits of Team CW in the delivery of advanced missile systems capabilities that our Customers demand. The FASGW/ANL project is a major component within the Team CW Assessment Phase, which was launched by Baroness Taylor in July 2008 and is now in its second year of operation.”

The joint FASGW/ANL project will benefit from MBDA’s experience as Europe’s integrated missile system company with an established record of delivering multinational co-operative programmes such as Storm Shadow, PAAMS and Meteor.


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