IGG signs $150m defence deal with US firm

04.08.2009 Europe

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Abu Dhabi-based International Golden Group (IGG), a top distribution company for high-end defence solutions, has signed a $150 million contract with a US-based technology firm for delivery of its two breakthrough products.

IGG signed the agreement with Seer Technology, a manufacturer of chemical recognition and advanced personnel navigation products, for delivery of its latest products AccuSense and NAViSEER over the next five years.

IGG selected AccuSense because of its ability to identify multiple chemical gasses simultaneously, operate continuously with no consumables or elute gasses and its rugged portability for the harsh desert climate.

NAViSEER was selected because it is the only product on the market that can accurately track personnel in GPS-denied areas, such as within buildings and tunnels.  NAViSEER has immediate applications among military, public safety, and commercial UAE customers.

'This represents a major milestone for Seer,' commented Fred Gallander, CEO of Seer Technology. 'We are very pleased that a company with the size and reputation of IGG has selected our world class products for distribution to their customer base.'

According to Quay Fahnestock, VP of international sales for Seer Technology, this contract represents just the initial opportunity for Seer products in the Arabian Gulf region.

'International Golden Group is a premier distributor to the UAE and Gulf region," Fahnestock said.

"Our relationships at the highest levels within IGG, along with delivery of our new technology products gives us an opportunity to expand this initial contract over the next few years," he added.




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