Russia Concludes Successful Participation in IDEX 2021

LAGUK-Media Photo © KBP Yury Laskin01.03.2021 Asia
Russia Concludes Successful Participation in IDEX 2021

Russia Concludes Successful Participation in IDEX 2021

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The Russian pavilion has been among the leading national pavilions at IDEX 2021 in Abu Dhabi to arrange substantial attention from potential customers in Middle East North Africa (MENA) region and beyond.

The new generation Armata MBT created strong interest at IDEX 2021. The machine which made its international debut in Abu Dhabi attracted attention of at least six nations, according to Rosoboronexport, Russian state mediator in defense trade.

“Several nations have been considering Armata as a new main battle tank,” said Rosoboronexport CEO Alexander Mikheev, being quoted by the Russian media. According to him, Armata aroused interest from six countries which started negotiations on the platform which has been presented at the Russian national pavilion. The tank serial production has just been started with deliveries to the Russian armed forces. The unit price is to drop down on the third year of the tank production, according to the MBT manufacturers based in the Urals.

Rosoboronexport concluded a contract with Jadara Equipment and Defense Systems of Jordan on license production of the Kornet-E anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). The missile has been designed and produced by the Tula-based Shipunov KBP Design Bureau of the High-Precision Weapons Holding.

According to the source in Rosoboronexport, the Russians and Jordanians came into agreement on licensed assembling of the 9M133-1 and 9M133F-1 missiles of the Kornet-E ATGM complex.

Kornet-E is an export version of the famous ATGM family being intended to destroy tanks and armored vehicles with the reactive armor as well as various fortified objects. The missile maximum firing distance is 5,500 m.

The system has been already exported to several MENA nations being combat tested through the local conflicts. 



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