SAMP/T NG: A New System for the Multi-Layered Air Defence

23.06.2024 Europe
SAMP/T NG: A New System for the Multi-Layered Air Defence

SAMP/T NG: A New System for the Multi-Layered Air Defence

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SAMP/T NG is the new generation of SAMP/T system that is today in service. SAMP/T NG will be delivered from 2025.

The SAMP/T NG system is developed in close cooperation between France and Italy.

Originally designed to manage the ammunitions of the ASTER family (ASTER 30 B1 and ASTER 30 B1NT), the SAMP/T NG provides the ability to engage air threats at long range while offering an autonomous capability against ballistic missiles.

In addition to the ASTER capacity, the SAMP/T NG will implement a multirange/multilayer capacity (SHORAD Vertical Launchers) with a subordinated auto-protection to face the whole spectrum of air threats (MTO, drones, ABT and TBM). In this new configuration, the SAMP/T NG becomes a fully scalable system able to face any saturating and combined attacks. As such, the SAMP/T NG is becoming the unique European system able to integrate various effectors in full NATO operative ABT/TBM chain.

Thanks to the open architecture of its Module of Engagement New Generation (ME NG), the Multirange/Multilayer SAMP/T NG will be able to:

Integrate various multifunction firing radars such as Thales Ground Fire or Leonardo Kronos Grand Mobile High Power

Integrate and manage distinct launchers:

Up to six ASTER launchers with 8 missiles ready to fire (combination of ASTER 30 B1 and B1NT)

Up to six Short-Range Air Defence (SHORAD) launchers such as VL MICA or CAMM-ER launchers

Manage V-SHORAD assets

Be fully integrated in a NATO Tactical Control Chain and in a Command Chain with upper layer Command and Control Centers

The ME NG is the core of the system. It is developed in cooperation between Thales and MBDA Italia. The ME-NG is based on a common core hardware and software architecture and is able to integrate national specific requirements as well as different radars, to coordinate or to integrate different weapon systems based on different munitions.



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