ASELSAN, HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Boost Cooperation for Safer Oceans

04.11.2023 Europe
ASELSAN, HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Boost Cooperation for Safer Oceans

ASELSAN, HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Boost Cooperation for Safer Oceans

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Türkiye’s ASELSAN and South Korea’s HD Hyundai Heavy Industries have signed two different international sales contracts over the last months. Based on the principle of customer satisfaction through sustainable, high quality service, both companies would like to expand and intensify further cooperation.

The success of this cooperation is based on shared fundamental values that are the core of their like-minded pioneering spirits.

ASELSAN’s naval solutions are being successfully used by 22 different countries on more than 230 various naval platforms. ASELSAN aims to produce solutions with critical capabilities that ensure every decision-making moment is safer, faster and more secure. With its client centric approach, ASELSAN performs as a strategic partner for HD Hyundai Heavy Industries while conducting naval programmes ranging from new-build to modernization, procurement to after sales support services.

With the endless motivation of unlocking the limitless potential of the ocean, HD Hyundai Heavy Industries leads the maritime mobility technologies as one of the World’s best shipbuilding powerhouse.

The ever evolving developments in technology and conventional seaborne threats call for the need for adapting overarching response force capability to confront such threats effectively and efficiently. The strong relationship of HD Hyundai Heavy Industries and ASELSAN based on mutual trust and unwavering support will yield further successful focus and commitment in the field of naval defence.

Both companies strive for a long-term and sustainable partnership in which, above all, a perfect interaction of technology development, innovation and safety is the first priority.

Together, both companies will continue to play a central role in naval technologies to prevent seaborne threats towards safer oceans for all of us and for generations to come.



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