MARSS to Deliver Integrated Logistic Support for Middle East Client

25.04.2024 Asia
MARSS to Deliver Integrated Logistic Support for Middle East Client

MARSS to Deliver Integrated Logistic Support for Middle East Client

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MARSS announced the signing of a multi-year contract in excess of $70 million to deliver an integrated logistic support contract with a leading Middle East client.

MARSS previously led an international group of partners to design and deliver a multi-domain critical infrastructure protection system for a key strategic location in the Middle East.

The new contract, spanning five years, will see MARSS provide level 1-4 support across the site - from basic maintenance to troubleshooting complex issues – and includes programmes for corrective and preventative maintenance to ensure the site’s operational effectiveness throughout the contract’s duration. As part of this, MARSS will maintain a full-time in-country presence to manage and maintain the system.

The system, which was previously designed and commissioned by MARSS, provides end-to-end protection covering surface, land, air, and sub-surface domains. MARSS’ NiDAR platform, integrated throughout the site, is an AI–powered solution capable of detecting, verifying, and defeating asymmetric threats. The system seamlessly fuses sensors and effectors across all domains, providing a unified situational awareness picture for operators.

Rob Balloch, MARSS’ Chief Revenue Officer, commented: “Securing this contract showcases MARSS’ ability to provide full life-cycle support that is essential to ensure the operational effectiveness of complex integrated platforms. Having led on the prestigious delivery project, we are delighted that the client has returned to us to ensure the smooth running of the protection.”

Recent events across the world have demonstrated the difficulty of reliably protecting people and critical-assets from rapidly evolving threats. To be effective, systems have to be able to react to threats in seconds, relying on layered countermeasures that can be deployed effectively and economically. By integrating physical sensors and effectors with AI, the MARSS NiDAR system greatly reduces the operational burden on operators and centralises all of the critical decision making into a single software solution.

This five-year project will also plug into the continued machine learning of NiDAR CORE - obtaining valuable object and event data to improve NiDAR’s AI capabilities - including the rapid and accurate detection and verification of threats.

“There have been a lot of discussions over the last few years about the need to change the broken defence procurement model that exists across NATO and other defence ministries. The need for rapidly deployable and effective Air and Maritime Defence has never been greater, systems have to be modular, sensor and effector agnostic and upgradeable in days not years,” Balloch added.

“Companies such as MARSS, and contracts such as this, demonstrate the ability to rapidly develop and implement complex integrated defence programs by smaller, agile companies, at a fraction of the cost and in half the time,” he stressed.

Founded in 2005, MARSS is a global technology leader with extensive experience spanning nearly 20 years, including research collaboration with the EU, NATO, defence agencies, academia and industry.

Leveraging innovation and technology to provide the highest level of security against emerging threats, MARSS’ intuitive solutions employ integrated sensor surveillance, machine learning and open-source intelligence to protect nations, critical infrastructure, naval assets, special forces, Heads of State, commercial shipping and millions of lives worldwide.



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