MARSS Celebrates Two Years in Saudi Arabia & Continues to Invest in the Kingdom

31.08.2023 Asia
MARSS Celebrates Two Years in Saudi Arabia & Continues to Invest in the Kingdom

MARSS Celebrates Two Years in Saudi Arabia & Continues to Invest in the Kingdom

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MARSS’ Riyadh-based operations have grown significantly since establishing itself in the KSA in 2021; starting with a handful of employees and building to over 30 project managers, engineers, technicians and support personnel. This expanding regional presence enables MARSS to deliver and support defence, safety, and surveillance programmes across the Middle East.

MARSS KSA currently protects multiple sites across the Middle East. Most recently, a multi-site security programme which will serve nine critical infrastructure sites across the Middle East, all networked into a centralised national command centre (C2).

Such is the importance of the Saudi operation, the Riyadh office recently received a visit from the MARSS headquarters team, including senior female leaders from the Monaco HQ. The trip underlined the crucial strategic position the Middle East region has within the organisation, and how MARSS will continue to innovate in software and hardware development.

A key priority has been recruiting and developing Saudi employees, who now make up almost 50 per cent of the local team. One of these colleagues, along with a team member from the Philippines, recently completed a training trip to Spain, hosted by Thales, to learn new mechanical engineering skills for use on kinetic-effector systems, that can link into MARSS’ NiDAR platform.

MARSS also remains committed to supporting the veteran community, providing exciting employment opportunities. Currently, the KSA-based-company is comprised of over 20 per cent veterans.

Events play an important networking role for MARSS KSA. Members of the KSA team will be at DSEI, in London this month, while the next key event in the Middle East calendar is the World Defense Show (WDS) in February 2024. There, the MARSS KSA team looks forward to welcoming partners, customers and other stakeholders, and to showcase the latest products and capabilities of NiDAR.

Founded in 2005, MARSS is a global technology leader with extensive experience spanning over 15 years, including research collaboration with the EU, NATO, security agencies, academia and industry.

Leveraging innovation and technology to provide the highest level of security against emerging threats, MARSS’ intuitive solutions employ integrated sensor surveillance, machine learning and open-source intelligence to protect nations, critical infrastructure, naval assets, security operations, heads of state, superyachts, commercial shipping and millions of lives worldwide.

The MARSS product family includes NiDAR™, NiDAR 4D, NiDAR Command, NiDAR X, NiDAR CUAS, NiDAR CUAS COMPACT, MOBtronic™, RADiRguard™ and INTERCEPTOR. (File Photo: MARSS at World Defense Show 2022, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia © MARSS)



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