NYU Abu Dhabi Launches its First Space Podcast

NYU Abu Dhabi WAM28.04.2022 Aviation & Space
NYU Abu Dhabi Launches its First Space Podcast

NYU Abu Dhabi Launches its First Space Podcast

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The Centre for Astro, Particle and Planetary Physics (CAP3) at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) has produced and launched Spaced Out, the university’s first-ever podcast dedicated to astronomy and space science.

Aimed at promoting scientific ideas and igniting curiosity among the public about astronomy and space science, the podcast will feature NYUAD’s own experts in the field, as well as guest speakers from the space sector and other academic institutions, UAE national news agency WAM reported.

The inaugural season will include ten episodes; each will be 30-45 minutes long. The first in the series, About an Astronaut’s Life, is now live. CAP3 will launch an episode every Tuesday on Apple Podcasts.

With the support of the center’s primary investigator Andrea Macciò, the center recruited three undergraduate research assistants to support the development of the program. The podcasts are produced by Center Manager Bianca Arleen and Research Associate Moe Abbas - who also acts as the primary moderator for all episodes.

The music featured in the podcast was developed by a NYUAD alumnus, Cristobal MaryAnn, who is now a composer based in Mexico. It contains sounds from NASA mars landing and mars laser impact as well as elements of the Arabic oud instrument.

CAP3 is an alliance of faculty and scholars dedicated to research in astronomy, astrophysics, planetary and Astro particle physics. For the next half decade, this alliance will work to provide answers to fundamental questions about the composition and evolution of our universe.

NYU Abu Dhabi, which welcomed its inaugural class in 2010, was established in partnership with NYU and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

NYU Abu Dhabi is pioneering a new model of higher education for a global world, dedicated at once to excellence in teaching and research and to advancing cooperation and progress on humanity’s shared challenges.

Drawing on the strengths of the NYU global network, it offers an outstanding liberal arts and sciences education to students from the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and around the world, with a distinctive focus on intercultural understanding and leadership. It supports innovative research and graduate education programs that push forward the frontiers of knowledge and respond in powerful and interdisciplinary ways to vital global and local challenges.

NYUAD advances NYU as a model university for the 21st century and contributes in multiple ways to the development of a sustainable, knowledge-based economy in Abu Dhabi.



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