Strata Improves A350 Manufacturing Capabilities Via Automation

18.03.2020 Aviation
Strata Improves A350 Manufacturing Capabilities Via Automation

Strata Improves A350 Manufacturing Capabilities Via Automation

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Strata Manufacturing, the advanced composite aerostructures manufacturing facility wholly-owned by the Mubadala Investment Company PJSC, has deployed two of the latest generation MTorres Automated Tape Laying, ATL, machines to support its Airbus A350-900 manufacturing capabilities.

The Al Ain-based (UAE) manufacturer has gained First Part Qualification and First Article Inspection design and quality verifications for the use of the computer-controlled robotic ATL machines that will automate Strata’s production of the Inboard Flap components.

“The deployment of breakthrough technologies brings enhanced efficiencies and increased productivity that will drive the company’s long-term competitiveness in a rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive industry,” said Ismail Ali Abdulla, CEO of Strata.

“Through the quick adoption of cutting-edge technologies and solutions such as ATL, Strata will further advance its position in the global aerospace industry, facilitate its evolution to manufacture more complex aircraft parts and establish itself as a key industry player with the technological capabilities to grow in advanced manufacturing,” he added.

As part of the nation’s Emiratization plan and Strata’s commitment towards developing and harnessing the full potential of the UAE workforce, five of Strata’s employees, including two female Emiratis, Mai Jaber Saeed Al Marri and Latifa Abdulla Alshamsi, travelled to Spain for a five-day training course on the operation of the ATL machine.

The training course, which was split into theoretical classes and hands-on exercises, covered a complete overview of the system such as machine operation and maintenance. Emiratis, Barraq Khalid Abdulrahim, Project Lead, and Meera Al Shamsi, Junior Supervisor in the production unit, played an instrumental role in the development and deployment of the ATL machines on the Airbus A350 Inboard Flaps.

“Equipping our people with the right tools and techniques while adopting advanced manufacturing technologies is a key element in our vision in increasing Strata’s competitiveness in the global aerospace supply chain,’ said Abdulla.

The two ATL machines lay unidirectional pre-preg materials onto a flat bed, which is then transferred to a mould tool for further processing. With a work envelope of 2.5 meters by 10 meters, the process of large composite layups is easily automated and eliminates the need for a separate ultrasonic cutting machine. Through this new technology, Strata will drastically reduce the processing time compared to a standard hand layup process.

With the support of its industry partners, Strata is likewise incubating other advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing, robotic assembly of aircraft structures, advanced inspection techniques through thermography, and optimization of processing and machining of composite parts.


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