Sukhoi Superjet 100 Completes Test

08.06.2010 Aviation & Space

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Sukhoi Superjet 100 SN95003 successfully completed the test program aimed at evaluation of engine protection against water jets from the runway. The tests confirmed that APU  and propulsion system  sustain normal operation while running over the wet runway within the full range of modes preceding the take off.  So, SSJ 100 is able to carry out safe take-off and landing on runways, covered with water.

The tests were conducted in Zhukovsky-based Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company Flight test center. A special 70m long, pool was constructed on the runway. The pool was filled with water, the depth of the water coverage reached 40 mm.

The aircraft accomplished a total of 27 runs at speed ranging between 10 kt/h and 150 kt/h at different engine modes, special attention was paid to low speed modes, take-off mode and maximum thrust reverser.  The tests were monitored by Russian Certification Authorities experts.

In order to assess the results the pilots controlled the engines’ performance via standard cockpit indication. 

Video and photo shooting were carried out with the help of cameras, put on different distances from the pool, and mini-cameras put on landing gear of the aircraft.  It confirmed that the water does not hit the air intake  and the auxiliary power unit.  After every run the thorough examination of the engines and the aircraft was carried out. No malfunction of auxiliary power unit and propulsion system was registered.
Air data system sensors, air intakes and drain openings in the air frame sustain normal operation while the aircraft is moving through the water veil.  The stability & control of the aircraft were evaluated as well. The results of the tests are as follows: up to 150 kt/h (275 km/h) the aircraft goes steadily along the water covered runway and it is easily handled by an average skills pilot.
Therefore, the results of the tests proved that SSJ100 is able to take off and land on water covered runways safely. Design characteristics (location of the engines and, air intakes and drain openings) of SSJ100 do not allow water to hit air intakes of propulsion plant and auxiliary power unit within the full range of speeds including runs with activated thrust reverser.


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