Egyptian President Receives Director of French General Directorate for External Security

12.03.2021 Security
Egyptian President Receives Director of French General Directorate for External Security

Egyptian President Receives Director of French General Directorate for External Security

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Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met Director of the French General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) Bernard Emie Wednesday in Cairo’s Itihadiyah Presidential Palace, local media reported.

The meeting, which was attended by Egypt’s Chief of General Intelligence Abbas Kamel, included talks on a number of bilateral cooperation matters on the security and military levels, Spokesperson of the Presidency Bassam Rady said in a statement.

The President and the DGSE Director also exchanged views on regional and international affairs within the security and intelligence cooperation framework between both states.

The focus was counterterrorism work as well as regional and international extremist organizations. In that regard, President al-Sisi underlined the importance of regular coordination to improve ways of combating ideological extremism, violence and terrorism. The President added that coordination would also “increase pressure on terrorist organizations and groups,” the statement added.

The Egyptian President reiterated that restoring the institutions of countries suffering from crises would achieve security and stability to the entire region, and restrict the engulfing risks.

The French official listened to the Egyptian President’s vision on developments eastern the Mediterranean, and those in Libya. Emie hailed the positive impact of the line designated by Egypt in the field eastern Libya as that supported political negotiations aimed at a comprehensive solution to the crisis. 

It is noted that on June 20, President al-Sisi warned western Libyan militias from crossing the Sirte-Al Jufrah line for that would give Egypt the international legitimacy under which it can intervene militarily to defend its own security. The militias encompass mercenaries of different nationalities, but particularly Syrian, who may have attempted to infiltrate Egyptian borders with Libya.

The President had welcomed the French official and asked him to deliver his greetings to French President Emanuel Macron. The Egyptian President asserted eagerness to bolster strategic cooperation with France in different fields.

On his side, Emie delivered Macron’s greetings expressing his country’s appreciation for its ties with Egypt embodied in constructive cooperation and close relations. The DGSE Director affirmed “France’s keenness on the continuous coordination with Egypt on all matters of joint interest regionally, particularly in the Middle East, Eastern the Mediterranean, and the African continent,” the statement noted.



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