InVeris Introduces VR-DT Virtual Reality Law Enforcement Trainer

05.03.2021 Security
InVeris Introduces VR-DT Virtual Reality Law Enforcement Trainer

InVeris Introduces VR-DT Virtual Reality Law Enforcement Trainer

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InVeris Training Solutions released details of its all-new advanced training solution called the VR-DT (Virtual Reality Decisions and Tactics) or “Verdict”. The system uses the latest fully immersive VR technology for training de-escalation of force in a wide variety of critical, real-world situations. California’s Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (CA POST), which oversees training statewide, will serve as the solution’s launch customer.

The VR-DT was chosen in August 2020 by California POST following a competitive procurement process for its VR Force Options Simulator requirement. InVeris will deliver 50 systems during a six-month period as part of a $2.6 million contract award with the option for up to $5 million in additional systems and related equipment. Approximately half the systems are to be delivered and installed by March 1. InVeris will supply 100 scenarios with branching options initially, plus 10 state-mandated ones per year of the contract. In addition, a powerful scenario authoring tool will enable customer-driven content creation to further enhance realism using situations and settings reflective of California.

The VR-DT enables law enforcement agencies, as well as private and military security forces, to maximize readiness and correctly educate students for field experiences. The system combines state-of-the-art hardware, scalable software and a content library that is always increasing. A variety of officer weapons and equipment can be accommodated, including simulated pistols, rifles, shotguns, batons, TASERs, OC sprays and flashlights. The adjustable and modular system works anywhere, from one to two-person sessions.

Utilizing the latest wireless, high-definition headsets with impressive 360-degree fields of view and weapons tracking, officers train in fully immersive environments that put them in the action. The ability to perform a traffic stop or intervene in a domestic altercation from two perspectives, create distance and angles between students and move to cover are all enhanced with the VR-DT. A lightweight, fully customized laptop allows the instructor to influence the scenarios, environments and weapons.

Depending on the trainee’s actions, the instructor can branch the scenarios to escalate or de-escalate the situation, then review their decision-making skills to ensure proper tactics are used from any angle during after-action review. These virtual environments and ambient features increase the student’s psychological immersion and focus when dealing with the situation at hand. By increasing the immersions, the trainee’s mental recall is heightened, thus enhancing their overall training experience.

Development of the VR-DT is an evolution of InVeris’ class-leading Firearms Training Systems (FATS®) and recognizes the increased focus and scrutiny on law enforcement training. Community, state and national leaders are concentrating on issues like de-escalation, crisis intervention and active shooters. The VR-DT will help enhance the conveyance of proper decision-making skills to protect lives in California and beyond.

InVeris Training Solutions combines an agile approach with an unmatched expertise in training technology to design and deliver customized, cutting-edge, first-rate training solutions that keep military, law enforcement, private and commercial range clients safe, prepared and ready to serve - Because Seconds Matter™.

With a portfolio of technology-enabled training solutions, and a team of 400 employees driven to innovate, InVeris Training Solutions is the global leader in integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training solutions. With its legacy companies, FATS® and Caswell, InVeris Training Solutions has fielded over 15,000 live-fire ranges and 7,500 virtual systems globally during its 90-year history.

The company is headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia (USA) and partners with clients in the US and around the world from facilities on five continents.


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