Boeing Offers New Cybersecurity Training, Simulation Tool

20.09.2013 Security
Boeing Offers New Cybersecurity Training, Simulation Tool

Boeing Offers New Cybersecurity Training, Simulation Tool

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New software developed by Boeing for its Cyber Range-in-a-Box (CRIAB) cybersecurity training tool creates more-realistic virtual environments up to six times faster than previous versions, making the training more effective while decreasing costs.

The new software - CRIAB 2.0 - provides governments and industry customers the ability to test security solutions and train security personnel in a realistic network environment. CRIAB 2.0's performance-assessment tools also have been upgraded, allowing users to analyze their solutions more accurately, effectively and efficiently.

“CRIAB 2.0 helps customers meet the ever-increasing need for skilled cybersecurity professionals who can interpret data and take protective actions against cyber attacks,” said Dewey Houck, Vice President and General Manager of Boeing Electronic and Information Solutions.

“Our customers will be able to improve their networks’ overall cybersecurity while improving training of personnel,” he added.

The CRIAB 2.0 software upgrades include:
  • Redesigned Range Management Services for faster development of virtual environments and training simulations
  • Enhanced visual depictions of  modeled networks
  • Improved instruments to continuously monitor  the training environment
  • A new Network Visualization Console to better assess user and system performance


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