UAE Armed Forces Conclude Training of New Batch of Yemenis

WAM25.11.2015 Yemen
UAE Armed Forces Conclude Training of New Batch of Yemenis

Source WAM

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The UAE Armed Forces has concluded the rehabilitation and training of a new batch of members of the Yemeni resistance to join the Armed Forces in Yemen, affiliated with the legitimacy, after having undergone intensive training by UAE Armed Forces’ trainers in various disciplines, WAM news agency reported.

The members received training in field and battle skills, the use of various weapons, internal security and first aid training.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the Commander of the forth governorate in Aden, Major-General Ahmed Saif Al-Yafei, along with a number of Officers from the Armed Forces of the two countries.

Major-General Al-Yafie said the training was one giant step towards establishing Yemeni armed forces, capable of defending Yemen and maintaining law and order in Aden.

He also said after promoting them to offices, batches of the graduates will join military academies in the Arab Coalition countries.

Brigadier Nasser Mishabab Al Otaibi, Commander of the Arab Coalition’s Duty Force, said the cadets joined the training after meeting all requirements and exhibited high standards of professionalism and discipline.

The resistance cadets, who are aged between 18 and 20 and most of them are holders of high secondary school certificate, underwent all processes, including medical check-up.

“A group of outstanding graduates will be sent to military academies in the Saudi-led Arab Coalition countries,” he added.

According to the training instructors, the course included training on different firearms, combat skills and first aid. They added that after passing the training, the graduates were ready to join the legitimacy forces to drive out rebellious militias and to maintain security and stability in their country.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, Major-General Al Yafie and Brigadier Al Otaibi, distributed prizes to the outstanding graduates.

The UAE Armed Forces is working with the Arab Coalition forces to develop and upgrade capabilities of Yemeni national resistance through professional military training to create a national army qualified to preserve the country's sovereignty.

The training operations are conducted in the liberated Yemeni territories to adequately familiarize trainees with their country's terrains and to align training’s geographic and climatic conditions with the nature of combating missions and to eliminate the elements of surprise.

Currently, there is no need to carry out training outside Yemen, because 75% of the Yemeni territories are now controlled by the legitimate government, supported by the Arab Coalition forces.

The Coalition forces, including the UAE forces, are conducting military training courses as part of an integrated program to rehabilitate and to train different security and military sectors in Yemen to maintain stability in the liberated area, while continuing operations in the other fronts, with the national resistance acting as a seed for the future Yemeni Army.



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