UAE Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Armed Forces Unification

The National WAM09.05.2016 UAE
UAE Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Armed Forces Unification

UAE Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Armed Forces Unification

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The UAE’s leadership has praised the skill and determination of the men and women of the Armed Forces while reaffirming the nation’s commitment to ongoing military operations in Yemen.

Speaking on the 40th anniversary of the unification of the Armed Forces the President Sheikh Khalifa called for the nation to show resolve and readiness to defend the homeland against the turmoil engulfing the region, UAE’s national news agency WAM reported.

Wars caused by the growth of terrorist movements and foreign interventions have resulted in devastation and have placed a “historic responsibility" to defend the country, said Sheikh Khalifa.

“Our fixed stance expresses our conviction in the need to continue the rescue of our brothers in Yemen until they regain the legitimate sovereignty of Yemeni soil, enable them to rebuild their homeland and return to normal life in dignity, within the framework of the Saudi-led Arab and Islamic alliance.”

Intellectuals and clerics must also intensify their efforts in spreading values of tolerance of the Islamic faith, said Sheikh Khalifa, who was speaking to the military and strategic journal, Nation Shield as he reiterated his commitment to fighting extremism and terrorism and the forces of obscurantism.

The unification of the nation’s military had “strengthened the pillars of our union and guaranteed its continuity, recall with all reverence the lives of the founding leaders who made the decision to unite our Armed Forces 40 years ago”, he said.

The leadership was working to strengthen and develop the capacity of the Armed Forces through the introduction of the latest military technology, educational and training programs, upgrading military and national values said Sheikh Khalifa.

“On this historic anniversary, we remember the UAE martyrs who sacrificed their lives fighting for the principles of truth, defending the legitimacy in Yemen, and defending our ­national security against foreign interventions, protecting our country’s unity, achievements, history, and its present and future,” he said.

“We thank you for showing high spirits on the field of duty and righteousness. We also thank the loyal people of the UAE for being role models, rallying round the leadership and standing by the brave soldiers by pulling their resolve and raising their morale,” Sheikh Khalifa said.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, extended his appreciation to the founders of the Armed Forces, in particular the Founding President, Sheikh Zayed, Sheikh Khalifa, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

“We greet members of the UAE Armed Forces, commanders, officers and soldiers, as well as those in other security authorities and veterans in the field," he said in a speech published by Nation Shield.

“I greet every Emirati citizen who is part of our big Emirati family to have love, cooperation, solidarity and good ethics and to come together in both joy and hardships to express our loyalty to the homeland and the leadership, to enhance our renaissance and achieve our aspirations,” he said.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed said the nation was now “standing on solid ground” and looking to the future with hope.

Addressing the nation’s Armed Forces in the Nation Shield, he said: “You have proven your competence, capability and determination to achieve victory in the just battles against aggression, evil and terrorism, reaffirming to the world the integrity of our approach over the past decades in developing and equipping our Armed Forces to the highest international standards.”



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