UAE Armed Forces, US Army Conclude Joint Military Drill

Photo: WAM WAM31.01.2018 UAE
UAE Armed Forces, US Army Conclude Joint Military Drill

UAE Armed Forces, US Army Conclude Joint Military Drill

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The “Iron Union 6” joint military exercise, which involved live ammunition training by various types of ground forces from the UAE Armed Forces and the United States Army Central, has concluded in the UAE, Emirates News Agency WAM reported.

The joint exercise demonstrated both forces’ professional combat capabilities and promoted the concepts of leadership, control and target accuracy while achieving the desired combined goals of both forces at its conclusion.

The two-week training exercise is part of a joint military agreement between the UAE and the US, which aims to promote military cooperation, joint action and the exchange of knowledge, to enhance the military coordination between the UAE and US armies.

The exercise also reflects the ongoing desire of the General Command of the UAE Armed Forces to raise the military’s performance, efficiency and teamwork, based on a clear strategy to advance its overall level and combat readiness and deploy advanced equipment and weapons in all fields of operations.

The training achieved its planned goals and the UAE and US forces successfully performed their role, reflecting the combat efficiency of the UAE Armed Forces in terms of leadership, control, adopting combat theories and unifying mutual military concepts, as well as implementing training methods with professionalism among ground forces, earning them trust in completing any task to defend the region’s security and stability.

The training is also part of a series of joint military exercises by the UAE Armed Forces throughout the year with the armed forces of friendly countries, which aims to raise their combat efficiency, acquire field experience and unifying military concepts and terms. 

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