UAE Armed Forces to Launch ‘Union Fortress 3’ Military Show

Photo: WAM WAM30.01.2018 UAE
UAE Armed Forces to Launch ‘Union Fortress 3’ Military Show

UAE Armed Forces to Launch ‘Union Fortress 3’ Military Show

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The UAE Armed Forces will organize the third edition of the military show ‘Union Fortress 3' to be held on 24th February in Al Ain city, Emirates News Agency WAM reported.

The event aligns with the vision of the UAE leadership in highlighting the vital role played by the brave Armed Forces in preserving the security of the country, its nationals and every resident on the UAE. Supported by the nation's leadership, determination of the soldiers, and their loyalty, the Armed Forces attained a high degree of efficiency and professionalism, participating in the honor of defending brothers, standing with them in ordeals, and at the same time spreading hope around the world, by helping friends and those in need.

The UAE Armed Forces represent the nation’s strength, due to the achieved power, readiness, efficiency and ability to carry out the tasks and duties.

The military parade aims to showcase the advanced capabilities of the nation's armed forces and the courage, dedication, skills and field expertise of the military personnel. The show also displays the modern equipment and techniques, enabling the army to be a protective shield for the UAE, protecting its gains, promoting sustainable development, and preserving the union march in the face of the challenges and threats that plague our region and the world at large.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Military Show said Union Fortress 3 includes many activities and programs, on top of which the joint military show of the different formations of the Armed Forces, to highlight the integrity and harmony among them in carrying out national security operations. Field operations, such as live raids, will be conducted, to reflect a real image of the combat capabilities and abilities of our forces. This year’s military parade is characterized by a more comprehensive engagement of ground forces through focusing on joint ground operations.

“In the Year of Zayed, we recall the efforts exerted by the late founding leader, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, to develop, improve and upgrade our armed forces. Attaining this advanced stage, both in readiness and equipment, materializes that insightful vision, under the support and follow-up of our wise leadership, to achieve further progress and prosperity,” he added.

Union Fortress 3 is implemented by the central units of the ground and air forces, besides the Presidential Guard, to display the military striking ability to carry out the missions of rapid intervention flexibly and with high efficiency, as well as the ability to implement a wide range of military operations to defend the UAE and protect its security, in close cooperation with other security authorities. 

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