MENA Nation Extends Order for Oerlikon Skyguard System

05.03.2014 MENA
MENA Nation Extends Order for Oerlikon Skyguard System

MENA Nation Extends Order for Oerlikon Skyguard System

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Rheinmetall has won another important order in the field of military air defence.

A nation from the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region has opted to expand its existing array of Oerlikon Skyguard air defence systems, placing a follow-up order for Skyguard fire units. The new contract, which has now been signed, represents around €83 million in sales.

Skyguard air defence technology, employed by over 40 countries around the world, has clearly lived up to this customer nation’s expectations. The existing basic contract, plus previous expansions, already accounts for sales volume of €582 million, meaning that the new order brings the total – including services and spare parts – to €665 million for this country.

Only recently, Rheinmetall booked new orders for air defence systems from a European country and an Asian nation worth a total of €50 million.

Rheinmetall is one of the world’s leading makers of sophisticated short-range air defence systems. The Group is the market leader in cannon-based air defence and the only single-source system supplier of fire control technology, automatic cannon, integrated guided missile launchers and Ahead airburst ammunition.

With its tried-and-tested 35mm Skyshield technology, Rheinmetall has set an internationally unsurpassed standard for excellence, particularly when it comes to defending public venues and critical civilian infrastructure such as power plants, dams and oil platforms from terrorist threats.

On behalf of the German Bundeswehr, Rheinmetall has developed the “Mantis” air defence system, which recently entered active service. The most advanced system of its kind worldwide, it reliably protects military installations such as forward operating bases and other vital facilities from incoming rockets, artillery and mortar rounds.

Owing to their modular design, Rheinmetall air defence systems incorporate abundant built-in growth potential. Radar systems and guns can be deployed and redeployed on mobile platforms at short notice in line with evolving mission requirements. In future, moreover, in addition to 35mm automatic cannon, it will be possible to equip these systems with other effectors, e.g. antiaircraft missiles and high-energy lasers.


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