Airbus Defence & Space’s Testing Instrument to German AF

05.03.2014 MENA
Airbus Defence & Space’s Testing Instrument to German AF

Airbus Defence & Space’s Testing Instrument to German AF

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Airbus Defence and Space has developed a new testing instrument for the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) to identify faulty assemblies.

The Modular Maintenance Device (M2D) is flexible and can be used to identify faulty assemblies, and even to carry out an assessment of the overall system. This shortens repair cycles and reduces the time it takes to restore operational readiness significantly, as the usual practice of replacing assemblies suspected of being faulty is no longer necessary and a more targeted troubleshooting process is possible.

In addition, the testing instrument gives the user access to the comprehensive Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD) installed on the device. Furthermore, the user can read out the hardware and software configuration, for example serial number, period of operation and current software version of individual assemblies, or update the existing software version.

The equipment can be installed on any platform, from handheld computers to hardened notebooks. Thanks to the system’s modular architecture, additional test modules – even from other manufacturers - can be added onto the basic software system flexibly and in any way the user likes. As a result, the M²D can be upgraded for any hardware or system test – from radio equipment and combat vehicles to aircraft - and can therefore be used comprehensively across all branches of the armed forces.



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