South Korean Company Unveils New Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Photo © Hanwha Group07.09.2018 Products

South Korean Company Unveils New Infantry Fighting Vehicle

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South Korean company Hanwha Defense Systems unveiled a new AS21 Redback infantry fighting vehicle during the Land Forces 2018 conference that was held in Adelaide, Australia on 4-6 September.

The advanced version of the K21 infantry fighting vehicle, to be known in Australia as the AS21 Redback, was showcased for the first time at the Land Forces 2018 conference.

The AS21 Redback is designed for the Land 400 Phase 3 campaign to replace Australian Army’s M113AS4 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC).

The new modifications have been conceived to enhance survivability against higher threat levels and match peer enemy armored fighting vehicles. Also, Redback’s larger hull with greater internal volume will accommodate eight 95th percentile male dismounts plus three crews.

Hanwha confirmed that space, weight and power provisions have been made to enable the turret to accommodate an active protection system that the Australian Defense Force (ADF) will most likely select separately, with the detection and tracking sensors, radar and countermeasure dispensers clearly in evidence.

A Hanwha spokesman said: “With such heritage, Hanwha Defense Systems is able to customize its armored solutions to a variety of specifications in order to meet future warfare requirements of any country.”

Hanwha Defense Systems is a leading defense platform provider in South Korea with product portfolio of Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), infantry fighting vehicles, air defense systems, and launcher systems.



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