Japan Unveils Mysterious Military Vehicle

05.09.2018 Products

Japan Unveils Mysterious Military Vehicle

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The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force unveiled a new mysterious military vehicle for the first time in public during the Fuji Firepower exercise on at the Higashifuji exercise range in the city of Gotenba in Shizuoka Prefecture near Mount Fuji.

The open-to-the-public drill this year featured a scenario of recovering remote islands from enemy forces, and saw the first participation of the newest electronic warfare component.

The new mysterious military vehicle is based on a medium Toyota Type 73 cross-country truck chassis and called the NEWS (Network Electronic Warfare System).

The NEWS is provide warning of a change in enemy posture or the presence of enemy activity, uses unique technology features for enemy communications jamming.

The main missions of the NEWS electronic warfare vehicle are Interception and monitoring generate enemy electronic orders of battle, locating and positioning of an enemy force, intercepting and jamming enemy communications.

Development of new generation of electronic warfare vehicles is showing the Defense Ministry’s emphasis on bolstering Japan’s ability to deal with attacks from both space and cyberspace.



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