Peli Deploys the 2710 and 2720 Headlights

11.04.2012 Products
Peli Deploys the 2710 and 2720 Headlights

Peli Deploys the 2710 and 2720 Headlights

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To incorporate the latest technology and features, Peli Products, the global leader in both the design and manufacture of advanced portable lighting, has introduced the 2710 and 2720 LED Headlights earlier this year.

Each Headlight is engineered with a wide range of features so it can adapt to almost any situation:

2710 Headlight:

  • White light, with night-vision-friendly Red and Green LEDs
  • High/low mode – 24 lumens in high and 7 lumens in low
  • Offers usable light for 2 hours in high and 5 hours in low
  • Weighs in at a mere 0.08 kg with 2 AAA batteries included

2720 Headlight:

  • Features a motion sensor actuation mode that will turn the light on and off with a simple gesture
  • Offers variable dimming mode
  • Three LEDs (2 – low level red, 1 – high performance white)
  • Dimming mode allows the user to shine anywhere from 100% to
  • 10% (80 to 5 lumens)
  • Offers 8 to175 hours of runtime depending on light selection
  • Weighs in at 0.11 kg with 3 AAA batteries included

Both headlights feature a red LED emergency signaling mode that flashes the letters “SOS” in Morse code and a 4X optical magnification lens that allows for both optimal closed space and spot lighting.

Both headlights also come complete with a rubber headband for helmet use along with a comfortable cloth headband, batteries and Peli Products’ Legendary Guarantee of Excellence.

Peli™ Products, S.L.U. is the Europe, Middle East and Africa Headquarters of Pelican™ Products, Inc., the global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems.

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