Peli Launches New Storm Case™ for Drone Gear Protection

03.05.2017 Europe
Peli Launches New Storm Case™ for Drone Gear Protection

Peli Launches New Storm Case™ for Drone Gear Protection

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With the aspirations of avid photographers, videographers, intrepid adventurers and explorers in mind, Peli™ - the global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance case solutions, has released the iM2275 Peli Storm Case™ especially for taking drones safely to any place you could dream of.

With a deeper lid (8 cm), the iM2275 is the first Peli Storm Case™ that gives you more vertical space to work with your equipment. Add the bottom depth and get a total of 24.1 cm deep that offers more storage space without adding width, making it easy to carry and pack away in compact spaces.

This virtually indestructible case gives the freedom to configure a drone with accessories, multiple 4K cameras or diagnostic circuit reader; it’s watertight, dustproof, crushproof, and ready for taking into adventures anywhere you could imagine. With more than 27,500 cubic centimeters of possible storage, the case is engineered with a deceptively small form factor (L 38.7 x W 39.3 x H 25.9 cm - exterior dimensions). This makes it the perfect size to protect a wide range of midsized drones without the need for a longer, bulkier case.

Designed with Peli’s DNA - protective cases that withstand the most extreme conditions on Earth - Peli Storm Cases boast a high-performance, next-generation HPX™ polymer construction.

The design also includes:

  • Strong Press and Pull latches that work with a polymer O-ring to create a dust and watertight seal
  • Automatic pressure equalization Vortex™ valve that stops moisture from entering the case and prevents vacuum-lock so the case opens easily at any altitude
  • Comfortable soft-grip over-molded handle
  • Two integrated stainless steel padlock protectors that are engineered to provide added defense against cutting and theft

You can easily customize the inside of the iM2275 Peli Storm Case manually thanks to the customizable Pick N Pluck™ foam. The new Storm Case is backed by Peli’s Lifetime Guarantee - where applicable by law.

Peli Products, S.L.U. is the Europe, Middle East and Africa Headquarters of Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems.

Peli’s products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including firefighters, police, defense/military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Peli products are designed and built to last a lifetime.

The company operates in 140 countries, with 28 offices and 6 manufacturing facilities across the globe.

Peli Products is a portfolio company of Behrman Capital, a private equity investment firm based in New York and San Francisco.



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