ITT’s Lightweight Countermeasures System

30.05.2011 North America
ITT’s Lightweight Countermeasures System

ITT’s Lightweight Countermeasures System

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ITT Corporation developed a groundbreaking countermeasures system to protect helicopters from shoulder-fired, heat-seeking missiles.

This system, recently submitted as a candidate for the U.S. military's Common Infrared Countermeasures (CIRCM) program, employs an innovative open-system architecture and rugged fiber optic technology to reduce weight while maintaining system reliability. The potential overall value of the CIRCM program is estimated at $1.5 billion.

As helicopters have become more instrumental in humanitarian, relief and military operations in remote and potentially dangerous locations around the world, the requirement for effective, lightweight defenses against ground-based threats has also increased. ITT's solution results from a multi-year investment to design, develop and mature infrared countermeasures technology that will meet future needs while addressing the known deficiencies of legacy systems.

"Drawing on our 50 years of electronic warfare systems experience, we've integrated the best components from across the industry and have taken a truly modular approach to address the Army's evolving infrared guided threats," said Chris Bernhardt, President of ITT Electronic Systems. "Further, our system will move laser energy more efficiently and effectively through our use of advanced fiber optic technology, increasing system reliability while significantly reducing weight."


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