ATK Supplies Key Test Component to Raytheon

27.05.2011 North America
ATK Supplies Key Test Component to Raytheon

ATK Supplies Key Test Component to Raytheon

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ATK, the leading solid rocket motor producer in the U.S., provided a key component for the latest successful missile defense test of a Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) Block IA missile.
ATK supplies the Solid Divert and Attitude Control System (SDACS) to Raytheon Company, the prime contractor for the SM-3. The SDACS is a propulsion system that is used to guide the SM-3's kinetic warhead in its final intercept of a target.

According to the Missile Defense Agency, the April 15 test was the most challenging test to date. The SM-3 Block IA missile was launched from a U.S. Navy Aegis-equipped destroyer off the Hawaiian coast and successfully intercepted a separating intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) target over the Pacific Ocean. "The SM-3 maneuvered to a point in space as designated by the fire control solution and released its kinetic warhead. The kinetic warhead acquired the target, diverted into its path, and, using only force of a direct impact, destroyed the threat in a 'hit-to-kill' intercept," stated an MDA press release on the test. This marks the 19th successful intercept performed by the SM-3 Blocks I and IA missiles.
"We are extremely pleased to see how well our system performed in this very challenging test, and are excited for the program's continued mission success," said Mike Kahn, President of ATK's Missile Product Group. "ATK is an integral member of the SM-3 team, and we look forward to seeing our years of design, development, and production expertise leveraged on future systems."

ATK manufactures the SDACS at its Elkton, Maryland facility and has produced more than 150 SDACS over the years. ATK also manufactures the Third Stage Rocket Motor (TSRM) for the SM-3 Block IA and IB missile.


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