UK Defense Minister Thanks Goodrich for Libya Support

16.12.2011 Europe
UK Defense Minister Thanks Goodrich for Libya Support

UK Defense Minister Thanks Goodrich for Libya Support

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Goodrich Corporation received a letter from Peter Luff, Minister for Defense Equipment Support and Technology describing "the tremendous support Goodrich has provided the United Kingdom in the implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions to protect Libyan civilians."

Peter Luff stated: "Throughout Operation Ellamy, Goodrich continued to give sterling support ensuring that Reconnaissance Airborne Pod for Tornado (RAPTOR) air and ground elements were always available when required. Goodrich personnel at Royal Air Force (RAF) Marham and Malvern, UK were heavily involved during the first days of the operation to ensure the exploitation system on site at Malvern was ready to receive imagery if required in the interim period before the Exploitation Multi-Output Modular Architecture (EMMA) was established in theater."

Sam Macleod, Goodrich Managing Director of the RAF Marham and Malvern facilities stated, "Our entire team is extremely proud of the contributions made to the success of this campaign. Everyone worked with determination and total commitment to ensure information gathered by the RAPTOR pod could be fully exploited at all times. This technology made a real difference to the operation providing accurate and timely intelligence to NATO Commanders."

In closing, Peter Luff stated, "The NATO action has saved countless lives and helped the Libyan people bring to an end 42 years of tyrannical rule by Colonel Qadhafi.  When the UK and its allies started military operations, Colonel Qadhafi's Forces were hours away from inflicting a humanitarian catastrophe on Benghazi and Misratah. The Libyan people are now free to choose their own future. Although the work in Libya is not yet done, they can be proud of what they have achieved and Goodrich and the UK Government can be proud of what we have done to help them."


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