Cassidian at DSEi 2011

14.09.2011 Europe
Cassidian at DSEi 2011

Cassidian at DSEi 2011

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Cassidian is presenting a selection of its range of defense and security solutions for current and future challenges at the ongoing DSEI Exhibition (London, 13-16 September 2011).

Cassidian's capabilities are demonstrated to show how mission effectiveness is increased through network centric enhanced solutions.  In its TouchLab, Cassidian is presenting some new scenarios featuring various situations and facing its customers with a display of its unique innovative solutions that have been developed to meet the challenges of the future.
Today’s increasingly connected world needs advanced information solutions and security systems. As a leading global provider of security solutions and integrated security systems  for  the  civil  and  military  markets, Cassidian  is developing the technologies of the future, drawing on its key competencies in aerospace,  security,  defense  and  services.  

Cassidian  will  present  its capabilities  focused  around  Secure  Information  Sharing  at  the  EADS  stand. Cassidian will present its technological progress by staging interactive, latest-generation  scenarios  projected  in  3D  in  the  TouchLab  to  demonstrate  the Talarion Unmanned Aerial System and cyber security.
The  short-range  DRAC  (Drone  de  Renseignement  Au  Contact),  whose purpose is to enhance the intelligence capabilities of front-line army units, will  be  on  display  at  DSEi.   60 DRAC systems have been delivered to the DGA since 2009, and in April the French Army placed an order for over 100 further DRAC.  The  DRAC  is  derived  from  the  TRACKER  system, one  of  the  most robust mini-UAVs available on the market.
The future Talarion will be displayed at the static display.  This European program  is focused  on  the  development of  an  advanced  MALE  UAS designed  to meet the European requirements for an unmanned system dedicated to future surveillance and reconnaissance missions and certified for unrestricted  access  to  European  airspace.  In  December  2007,  the  French, German  and  Spanish  defense  ministers  awarded  a  15-month  risk  reduction study  to Cassidian.  The  development  of  the  Talarion  concept  is  based  on  a long-endurance  UAV system  with  an  extended  wingspan  (28  m)  capable  of flying  over  a  theatre  of  operation  at  high  altitude  and  for  prolonged  periods.

Integrated into network-centric operational environments, Talarion will make it possible to fulfill security missions that are beyond the reach of current solutions. The Talarion prototype, whose maiden flight is scheduled for 2014, will  be  the  first  air  vehicle  to  be  developed  on the  basis  of  an  interactive design approach.  
Cassidian supports its customers by providing turnkey solutions and expertise to anticipate, manage and mitigate cyber crises and their effects.  These range from data handling (Ectocryp, secure exchange gateways), agile infrastructure and devices (MOSEO), computer network defense  (Cymerius), to consulting and training services (CENTS, Hotsim) for governments and companies. The Security  Operation  centre  fed  by  Cymerius,  eases  the  information  system
security  supervision  and  supports  implementation  of  network  security response in the whole value chain. This dynamism relies on a group of about 300 experts located in France, Germany and the UK.  
As part of the cyber defense portfolio, Cassidian will be showing the Ectocryp family of encryption devices. The Cassidian cryptography solution has the fastest secure transfer rate of any device of its kind. The  Ectocryp  Blue solution can transfer information classified up to TOP SECRET across public networks allowing organizations to minimize the risk of cyber attack.  

Cassidian is also showing the SPEXER family of radars.   SPEXER is the worldwide  first  security  radar  using  the  newest  radar  technology  of  Active Electronically  Scanning  Array  (AESA).  By electronic guidance of the radar beam, this technology enables the sensor to fulfill several tasks at the same time while increasing the detection capability substantially. Therefore, one SPEXER™ 2000 can replace two or more conventional radars.
Eurofighter is currently Europe’s biggest program in military aviation. The leading-edge combat aircraft impresses its customers with innovative technologies which are a key feature of this fighter aircraft. Next generation encryption technology developed by Cassidian is fitted into the Eurofighter.  
Cassidian is demonstrating the Mobile IP (Internet Protocol) Node for the first time at DSEi. This is a groundbreaking research and technology program from Cassidian that will improve the ability of military and emergency response services to communicate using voice, data and video in counter terror or post-natural disaster scenarios.
Lastly, Cassidian launches the OLISE electro-optical tester at DSEi in London this week. OLISE is intended primarily for use in testing smaller opto-electronic systems critical to live operations: goggles, visible and infrared cameras, laser rangers and designators, sights and image intensifiers.


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