Russia Completes Re-Armament with Iskander-M Tactical Missile System

11.12.2022 Russia
Russia Completes Re-Armament with Iskander-M Tactical Missile System

Russia Completes Re-Armament with Iskander-M Tactical Missile System

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The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) recently declared that all national armed forces missile formations have been re-equipped with the cutting-edge Iskander-M missile system, being called as “modern and unique”.

The above definition hasn’t been specified but current media reports claim the weapon had received significant improvements to boost its effectiveness on the battlefield.

The MoD also announced the Iskander-M (SS-26 Stone by NATO) tactical missile system could be fitted with new missiles, improving its combat capabilities.

Valery Kashin, the High-Precision Weapons (HPW) Holding Deputy CEO and the KBM General Designer, the Iskander-M developer, said that Moscow would strive to improve its combat capability, starting with the addition of new and more sophisticated missiles.

The Iskander-M is determined to destroy valuable fortified targets including command posts, communication hubs, missiles, long-range artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, and aircraft at airfields on distances up to 500 kilometers.

It is equipped with two 9M723K1 single-stage solid-propellant guided missiles. Each one is guided along the flight path and is equipped with an indestructible warhead.

Additionally, the system can launch the 9M728 cruise missiles. The Russian military uses the Iskander-M system; the Iskander-E system is designed for export.

Iskander-M is in serial production by HPW which is also responsible for a range of smart weaponry, such as Pantsir SHORADS, Kornet and Khrizantema ATGMs among many others. (Yury Laskin, LAGUK-Media; Photo © HPW)




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