Russian Arms Export Volume Disclosed

04.12.2022 Russia
Russian Arms Export Volume Disclosed

Russian Arms Export Volume Disclosed

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Russian President Vladimir Putin noted the high achievements of the state enterprises for increasing the volume of exports of Russian weapons.

Since the beginning of the year, revenues from arms exports have replenished the budget by US$ 8 billion, said the Head of state at an event in honor of the 15th anniversary of the Rostec State Corporation.

“Today a significant part of armaments goes for internal consumption, for the needs of the Armed Forces, but even in these conditions, we have already sold to the world arms markets for 8 billion dollars,” said Vladimir Putin as quoted by the Kremlin official Telegram channel.

He further noted that in the current conditions this is a significant result. According to him, more revenue is still expected from contracts concluded to date.

The Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov claimed the main corporation enterprises such as United Aircraft Corporation, the Kalashnikov Concern, the High Precision Weapons Holding and other companies “have been working in three or four shifts” to fulfill the defense state order and export contracts.

The lion’s share of the Russian arms trade has been going over the Rosoboronexport - the national defense sales state mediator. The company’s CEO Alexander Mikheev was just decorated with the order “For services to the Fatherland”. (Yury Laskin; LAGUK-Media; Photo: Pantsir-SM Gun-Missile SHORADS from KBP/HPW is among Russia’s Best Sellers in the World Defence Market © Yury Laskin)





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