Deputy Prime Minister “Pleased by Russian Weaponry Performance”

LAGUK-Media Photo © HPW Yury Laskin30.06.2022 Russia
Deputy Prime Minister “Pleased by Russian Weaponry Performance”

Deputy Prime Minister “Pleased by Russian Weaponry Performance”

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Yury Borisov, Russian Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the defense complex, recently talked to the national media on personal impressions on the smart weaponry performance through the first four months of the special military operation in Ukraine.

According to Borisov, who used to be the MoD Deputy before holding his current post, “the Russian military equipment shows itself very well.”

“We are always very kind to our warriors and wish them the best achievements and success in this difficult situation. The defense industry representatives are also at the front line to analyze the weapons performance,” Borisov said.

According to him, there are no serious complaints from the MoD regarding any weapons. Combat operations are a real platform where the declared characteristics are already proven and confirmed in practice, the Deputy Prime Minister noted.

“Not bad, well, one might say, our high-precision weapons are working. We hear in the daily reports of the Ministry of Defense about the destruction of complex objects. Artillery and aviation means of destruction show themselves well,” continued Borisov.

The national smart weaponry has been produced by number of enterprises including the High-Precision Weapons Holding (HPW), Tactical Missile Corporation and Novator Design Bureau in particular.

The Deputy Prime Minister also said that the era of high-precision weapons is coming, since all armies are interested in saving the lives of their soldiers. To do this, it is necessary to increase and build up firepower in order to disable the infrastructure and main forces of the enemy even before direct contacts, Borisov noted.

“I think there is more and more use of robotic means, not only aviation, but also ground, and sea, and surface, and underwater. This weapon is based on the so-called new physical principles. This is a laser theme, electromagnetic weapons. This is the weapon of the future,” the Deputy Prime Minister summed up. 



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