MoD Spokesman: “Russian Air Defense Proves its Efficiency”

27.06.2022 Russia
MoD Spokesman: “Russian Air Defense Proves its Efficiency”

MoD Spokesman: “Russian Air Defense Proves its Efficiency”

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The Russian air defense systems regularly prove their high efficiency during the special operation in Ukraine. According to the Russian MoD spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov, the air defense successfully repelled the Ukrainian air attack on the Zmeinyi (Serpent) island in the Black Sea which took place on June, 20.

He clarified the attack was made around 5 o’clock a.m. “The plan of the operation of the Kyiv regime provided for the infliction of massive air and artillery strikes on Zmeinyi island, followed by landing and capturing it. More than 15 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in strike and reconnaissance performance were involved in the air raid, which were guided by two unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar TB-2,” Konashenkov said.

He also stated that “in the airspace near Zmeinyi island, a strategic reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle of the US Air Force Global Hawk RQ-4 was detected by Russian means at high altitudes.”

According to Konashenkov, anti-aircraft cover for Ukrainian drones was provided by S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems from combat positions in the Tuzla and Ochakov areas.

The General confirmed that “13 unmanned aerial vehicles, four Tochka-U missiles and 21 rocket launchers of the Uragan multiple launch rocket system were shot down in the air. None of the Ukrainian fire weapons reached the target on Zmeinyi island.”

The air defense systems being involved in the island defense included Pantsir missile-gun system by the Tula-based KBP Design Bureau of the High-Precision Weapons Holding, and the Tor missile system by the Almaz-Antey Air & Space Defense Concern.

According to the official MoD statement of 21st June, the Russian armed forces have destroyed 211 aircraft, 132 helicopters and 1,308 drones, including over 100 Bayraktar TB-2 and TB-3. Other losses of the Ukrainian armed forces are counted as 349 anti-aircraft missile systems, 3,733 tanks and armored vehicles, 594 MLRS, 2,081 field artillery and mortars, and 3,801 military vehicles. (Yury Laskin - LAGUK Media: Photo © Yury Laskin)




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