Leonardo Reinforces Strategic Relationships Across the Middle East at IDEX 2023

21.02.2023 Asia
Leonardo Reinforces Strategic Relationships Across the Middle East at IDEX 2023

Leonardo Reinforces Strategic Relationships Across the Middle East at IDEX 2023

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Leonardo, the Italian-headquartered international aerospace and defence leader, is attending the IDEX exhibition from 20 to 24 February, and promoting its portfolio of land, naval and airborne electronics; training platforms and services for aircraft pilots, cyber and defence operators; military fixed and rotary-wing crewed and uncrewed platforms.

“With offices based in Abu Dhabi, for nearly fifty years Leonardo has supported the United Arab Emirates’ naval, land and air operations with our technologies,” explained Vincenzo Romano, General Manager of Leonardo’s branch in the UAE.

“In fact, approximately 90% of the VVIP rotorcraft fleet of UAE is made of Leonardo helicopters, more than 100 of which are operating in the country, and more than 40 UAE Navy’s ships are equipped with Leonardo naval systems, including combat management and defence systems, naval radars, fire control systems, missile electronics and military radios,” he added.

“Our goal, as Leonardo, is to further strengthen our strategic partnership with the UAE and, building on our proven track record as a global provider of innovative technology, to increase our cooperation with Emirati national companies and institutions. In this framework, we want to collaborate with Emirati industry for the design and development of a national Combat Management System for new and legacy vessels,” he concluded.

Collaborations with the UAE also include secure communication applications, space technologies, training aircraft, and the recently announced agreement with Khalifa University to set-up a Cyber Security Academy in their campus in Abu Dhabi. Based on Leonardo’s Cyber Trainer platform, the Academy will offer complete cyber security certification and training programs, as well as special initiatives designed to meet the needs of UAE organizations.

With cyber defence as one of main topic of Leonardo’s participation in IDEX, company’s offering includes the training of cyber security operators and the digital infrastructures’ resilience assessment against potential cyberattacks, thanks to its Cyber Range platform. Leveraging on virtualization and interoperability, Cyber Range offers advanced scenario set-up and high fidelity attack replication capabilities. In the context of cyber defence, Threat Intelligence plays a crucial role, allowing the monitoring, identification and analysis of cyber threats, and providing support for immediate response, remediation and containment actions in order to minimise the impact of attacks. Ongoing monitoring, adequate analysis and incident resolution are additional key factors, achieved through the services of Leonardo’s Global Security Operation Centre.

Cyber threat intelligence information and data coming from real-time cyber security monitoring and management can be integrated into Leonardo X-2030 platform. On show at IDEX, X-2030 is a ‘command, control, communication, cyber and intelligence’ solution, capable of correlating vast amounts of data from disparate sources (such as satellites, drones, cameras, databases and social media) in real-time. X-2030 provides an integrated view of the operational environment, also bringing benefits in terms of optimising field resource and allowing to anticipate, withstand, and adapt to adverse conditions, stresses, attacks, or compromises.

Leonardo’s leadership in the development of aircraft and training technologies and services is well represented by its M-346FA (photo), the Fighter Attack version derived from the M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT), the most advanced “Lead-In Fighter Trainer” aircraft on the market. Whilst keeping the same outstanding training capabilities already proven by the M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer, including the Embedded Tactical training System, Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) and Weapon System Officer training capabilities, the M-346 fighter attack variant includes specific avionics equipment and airframe provisions for supporting Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground combat roles.

The M-346FA is the right solution to complement more expensive assets capable of “download” from the front line fighters a large part of their missions at a fraction of cost per flight hour. The M-346FA, already in service with the first international export customer, is attracting a growing interest in all geographical markets were many Air Forces already expressed strong interest for the operational capabilities as well as advanced training effectiveness provided by this new capable multirole-platform made by Leonardo.

IDEX gives Leonardo the chance to highlight its Mirach 40 (M-40), the uncrewed target drone for armed forces training. Its ability to convincingly mimic a variety of aircraft and missiles, simulating radar, infrared (IR) and visual threats, allows Armed Forces to ‘shoot down’ the reusable M-40 in realistic scenarios. Developed in-house by Leonardo using commercial components, the M-40 is readily exportable and is part of the company’s successful Mirach family which also includes the M-100/5 V2.

As a key European player in the design and production of electronics, Leonardo is also marketing its new multi-domain and dual use Tactical Multi Mission Radar (TMMR). Thanks to its full digital design and operating in C-band, TMMR is an effective solution for anti-drone and Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar (C-RAM) scenarios, for short-range air defence, surveillance and protection of platforms and vehicles, borders, territories and critical infrastructures. Leonardo is also able to upgrade the sensor suites on board fixed and rotary wing platforms for patrol and surveillance. Among the technologies from Leonardo’s portfolio on show at IDEX is the Osprey family of multi-domain AESA surveillance radars. Osprey is already in operation with multiple international customers in defence, security, civil protection and environmental monitoring roles, as well as for search and rescue missions, where it is effective over land and sea.

At IDEX, Leonardo is also highlighting its latest-generation medium military helicopter, the AW149. With advanced platform and system technologies, equipment and weapons, coupled with unparalleled safety and performance and high levels of survivability and crashworthiness, the AW149 provides military customers with a highly effective, survivable and cost-effective capability. The AW149 is optimised for battlefield missions including troop transport and re-supply/external load lift, medical and casualty evacuation, Search and Rescue (SAR) and Personnel Recovery, special forces operations, close air support/armed escort, Command and Control (C2) and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). The advanced open architecture mission system enables the quick and effective integration of mission-specific and customer-specific equipment, avionics, weapons and defence systems.





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