14 French Security Firms to Take Part in Intersec 2022

12.01.2022 Security
14 French Security Firms to Take Part in Intersec 2022

14 French Security Firms to Take Part in Intersec 2022

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As a key-event in the protection and security sectors, fourteen French companies will take part in Intersec 2022 (Dubai World Trade Center, 16-18 January 2022).

The French exhibitors include: BOCHE (Fire boots manufacturer); EUROFEU (Fire extinguisher manufacturer); IPARTNER (Security Systems Supervision); ISI (Bespoke design and manufacture of fire protection equipment); MADICOB (Technical equipment manufacturer); PROFOAM INTERNATIONAL (Fire foam manufacturer); SIOEN (Manufacturer of coated technical textiles and protective clothing); ASTUCE SERVICE (Event Security); FB MECASYSTEM (Access control equipment manufacturer); FEBUS OPTICS (Fiber optic sensor systems for infrastructure maintenance and monitoring); HGH (Extended site surveillance optronics, industrial thermography and infrared test and metrology applications);  KEOPASS (Universal biometric key/Cybersecurity); UPFRONT TECHNOLOGIES (Cybersecurity and electronic security for businesses); CTD PULVERISATION (Automatic dosing systems for firefighting).

Considered as a major challenge in the region, this security-focused trade show will allow to reconnect with the industry players in order to enhance the protection of businesses and industries across the Middle East.

The UAE represent a particularly attractive market for French players in the security sector with a lot of investments opportunities. On the one hand, the commercial security and infrastructure protection market is expected to reach USD 7.4 billion by 2024, and on the other hand, fire safety and rescue is a sector that is worth around USD 699 billion in 2021. For these reasons, French security experts are eyeing the GCC market with high interest and will be present on the French pavilion at Intersec to promote their solutions and know-how.

Taking into account the strategic importance placed by the UAE on data management and security, to address digital sovereignty challenges, that got bigger with the pandemic and the increase of digital transformation, the key technologies that will be presented on the French pavilion at Intersec align perfectly with the local needs. Indeed, the French exhibiting companies that have been selected to participate specialize in cybersecurity, firefighting and rescue solutions, perimeter and physical security including monitoring and maintenance devices to ensure environment protection. Amongst these companies, we can find innovative solutions such as biometric keys to protect the user’s identity through built-in fingerprints analysis, next-generation optical fiber sensor systems for infrastructure maintenance and monitoring, optronics for monitoring extended sites, industrial thermography, test applications and infrared metrology, access control equipment, fire-fighting systems, coated technical textiles and protective clothing, to name just a few.

As the UAE places national security as a top priority over the next ten years with USD 10 billion to be invested in the sector, France is willing to strengthen agreements and co-operation measures by introducing specific solutions that remain crucial for the security of the country.

With an existing solid presence in the region, through technical co-operation agreements, military and security assistance for air, land, maritime forces, as well as in the area of civil security, the UAE recently reinforced their long-standing partnership with France through a strategic deal of €17bn defense contract involving a major French group along with mid-sized companies.

Considered as an industry of excellence, the French security industry had revenues of €28bn in 2020, in which approximately 50% came from exports. It is highly technological and represents 130,000 highly qualified jobs, mainly in the fields of electronic security (44%), physical security (33%) and finally cybersecurity (23%).

Many technological innovations are specific to the sector and France is very well positioned both in terms of industrial players and scientific know-how. It relies on significant skills in engineering and industrial processes from the defense and digital sectors (biometrics, smart cards, etc.). Its ranks include major international leaders in their fields, a dense fabric of dynamic and innovative SMEs, as well as numerous start-ups.

It also relies on world-class R&D (19 competitiveness clusters and 36 academic laboratories), which enables France to excel, in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, behavioral biometrics, in innovations combined with safety features.  France is one of the top three countries in the world in the area of post-quantum technologies (cryptographic developments), in real-time analysis of wide area observation data.


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