Iranian Army Stages Cyber Defense Drills

20.05.2021 Security
Iranian Army Stages Cyber Defense Drills

Iranian Army Stages Cyber Defense Drills

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The Iranian Army held cyber defense exercises codenamed ‘Fath 1’ to enhance its power in confrontation against attacks in the cyber space, local news agencies reported.

“Concurrent with increasing cyber defense power, we seek to enhance the military’s ability to counter cyber threats,” Iranian Deputy Army Commander for Coordination Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said on Tuesday while making a snap visit to the drills’ zone along with Commander of the Iranian Army Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi.

He added that given the importance of the cyber space in promoting the ability to confront threats, the Iranian Army has taken extensive measures and has made significant progress in this field by training human resources, specially creative, capable and skilled youth.

“Staging other exercises on different scales is also planned which will be declared in the future, and the joint Fath 1 cyber defense drills is a successful instance of these exercises,” Rear Admiral Sayyari said.

For his part, Deputy Commander of the Iranian Army for Information and Communication Technology Brigadier General Nasser Mokhtarzadeh said that assessment of strategic plans at the strategic, tactical, technical and operational levels, upgrading the planning power of decision makers, assessing and developing the cyber defense capability of the Islamic Republic of Iran, creating the ability to deal with cyber threats wisely and employing cyber officers alongside skilled elites to transfer know-how are a number of goals pursued by the cyber defense exercises.

He added that the country’s self-sufficiency in supplying technical security equipment led to adjusting the equipment to the type of attack during the drills which means that the cyber defense capability of the Army has changed from static to dynamic.

“Our young Officers carried out defensive operations using local and global platforms and virtual groups of several hundred individuals,” General Mokhtarzadeh said.

The General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces in a statement last August had warned that any level of cyber threats against the country will be responded firmly and decisively.

“Armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran do not initiate any conflict in cyberspace as in the physical space. They regard the policy included in this instrument as a framework for their actions in confronting any threat in cyberspace,” the statement said.

“It is clear that the Armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran reserve the right to react to any threat at any level in a firmed and decisive manner if any of the policies included in the present instrument may be violated by any state, group, or any other person or entity supported, controlled or directed by any state,” it added.



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