Russia Helps Fight COVID-19 in Algeria

Yury Laskin; Al Defaiya, Moscow; Photo © Rosoboronexport: Module-Built Mobile Hospital to Control Epidemics05.05.2020 Security
Russia Helps Fight COVID-19 in Algeria

Russia Helps Fight COVID-19 in Algeria

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According to Russian diplomatic sources, the Russian Federation provided technical and medical aid to Algeria to fight the COVID-19 epidemic.

Throughout the last week of April, the aid shipments by two planes of the Algerian Air Force and one charter plane brought a substantial amount of coveralls for medical personnel, thermometers, surgical masks, multi-layer masks, sampling kits, and tests.

The Russian defense export-import agency Rosoboronexport which is in charge of military cooperation with Algeria and other Middle East/North Africa (MENA) nations sponsored these charity operations. This mission was carried out despite the absence of air links between the two nations.

Two weeks ago Rosoboronexport export donated US$ 2 million to the Indian PM Narendra Modi National Fund to fight COVID-19 in the Republic of India.

These facts are an evidence of the Russia’s global fight against COVID-19. So far, the Russian international help has been offered to China, Serbia, Iran and CIS nations. The aid was also provided to Italy and USA- the nations who imposed various economic sanctions on Russia. 

The global fight against COVID-19 requires a change in the “Cold War” thinking. Otherwise the humanity may even face a worst case scenario in future. 


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