Filipino Navy Delegation Visits Oman’s Maritime Security Center

MoD ONA11.02.2020 Security
Filipino Navy Delegation Visits Oman’s Maritime Security Center

Filipino Navy Delegation Visits Oman’s Maritime Security Center

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A navy delegation from the Republic of the Philippines, led by Marine Colonel Noel Beleran, visited Sunday the Maritime Security Center (MSC).

Commodore Mansoor bin Mohammed Al-Kharousi, Head of the MSC received the guest, Oman News Agency (ONA) reported.

The visiting delegation was briefed on the tasks and roles of the center in managing and leading operations of the maritime security in terms of maritime hazards, mainly search and rescue operations and protecting the marine environment from various risks.

Members of the delegation viewed the modern devices and equipment used in supporting maritime security operations.

According to the website of Oman’s Ministry of Defense (MoD), the Maritime Security Center (MSC) was commissioned in accordance with the Royal Directives of His Majesty the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

The Center conducted its operations since then till 2018 at its temporary location in the Head Quarters Royal Navy of Oman. In December 2018, the grand opening of the newly constructed MSC building in MAM Camp was celebrated. It is considered to be one of the highly important military monuments added to the series of achievements in the Sultanate during the glorious covenant of His Majesty the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

The new building contains various fittings, systems and equipment needed to carry out roles and responsibilities assigned upon the MSC. There are several military, security and civilian agencies involved at operation level in the Center  that are related to maritime security.

MSC is responsible for command and control of maritime security operations in the Omani maritime zone, provision of necessary protection of the ports / marine installations and coast line, fighting organized crimes and illegal trading, fighting piracy, sea environment pollution, hindrance of International navigation routes, maritime terrorism, global changing, sea conflicts, infiltration and smuggling, protection of fisheries, SAR and provision of assistance to sailing vessels in the Omani maritime zone.

The MSC coordinates with the Omani concerned agencies of the maritime security. In addition, the Centre collects and analyzes received data. It also shares such data with a number of international maritime security agencies that are monitoring threats to maritime security.

MSC operates around the clock by an Omani crew from various military, security and civilian agencies that are related to maritime security. The Centre receives incident reports through several available means and channels in order to provide proper and rapid response to the incident. The crew monitors constantly and 24/7 the Omani Maritime zone through specialized systems and equipment in order to maintain safety and stability.  

The duties and responsibilities of the Center include:

  • Unity of efforts of all related agencies to maritime security.
  • Provision of capabilities and facilities such as systems, hardware, reconnaissance flights and marine vessels.
  • Drawing plans for action to combat illegal activities and any sort of organized maritime crimes in ports, installations and coastal line.
  • Taking precautionary actions that contribute directly in the protection of fish stock, natural resources and marine reservation.
  • Active response to environmental and humanitarian disasters by utilizing capabilities and facilities available in Oman.
  • Participation in the planning process of maritime crisis and disasters management in addition to the preparation of future scenarios of maritime risks.
  • Public awareness of the importance of maritime security and their cooperation to preserve marine natural resources of the Sultanate.
  • Monitoring and follow up navigation routes via the available systems, hardware and other resources.
  • Strengthening cooperation and information exchange with friendly and brotherly countries, in addition to international and regional organizations and agencies related to maritime security.


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