UAE, Russia to Establish Direct Coded Communication Link

Tass03.12.2019 Security
UAE, Russia to Establish Direct Coded Communication Link

UAE, Russia to Establish Direct Coded Communication Link

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The Russian government has approved a draft agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on establishing a system of direct coded communication between the two countries, as follows from an instruction uploaded to the official legal information portal, TASS news agency reported.

Russia’s federal protective service FSO and the Russian Foreign Ministry will hold talks with their UAE counterparts. When the agreement is finalized, the Foreign Ministry will sign it on behalf of the Russian government.

According to the draft agreement the two countries are to establish a direct coded communication link available to the top officials of both countries in routine situations and in emergencies.

Russia’s FSO and the UAE’s Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MOPA) will jointly determine the configuration and parameters of communication channels and the types of equipment to be used. They will also be responsible for maintenance, uninterrupted operation and safety of the coded communication system and determine the list of information constituting state secrets of Russia and the UAE that can be transmitted via the coded system, the rules of transmission, mutual notification of the risk of leaks and counter-measures to be taken in such cases. 



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