Crypto Offers High-Performance Network Security Unit

06.03.2019 Security
Crypto Offers High-Performance Network Security Unit

Crypto Offers High-Performance Network Security Unit

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Applications such as real-time collaboration between different locations or extensive video surveillance and other sensors generate huge amounts of data, which need to be aggregated and transported to the network core and to backup data centres. To protect this mass of information from attackers, Crypto has a powerful solution.

The technology for transporting 100 Gbit/s over a single optical signal is mature and is being increasingly deployed worldwide. To secure all the traffic, Crypto offers a high-performance network security unit for state-of-the-art 100G-technology such as OTN or Ethernet. The HC-8682 Link OTN (100G) protects data on an infrastructure level, independent of higher-layer services and applications.

The unit operates at line rate with 100% performance and minimal latency. It is easy to install and is configured with a plug-and-play style by looping the units into the data cable. Redundant, hot-pluggable power supply units with integrated fans for cooling ensure maximum availability of the encryption unit.

The unit has the following main features:

  • Performance: powerful network system for secure communication in national backbones and for data center interconnections (100 Gbit/s encryption)
  • Security: regardless of the information classification, highest protection of all data with a customer-specific algorithm (HCA-820) and a tamper-proof security module. The periodic change of the communication keys takes place automatically without interrupting operations.
  • Autonomy: independency and full control of the algorithm due to the customer-managed parameter
  • Reliability: investment protection and high availability thanks to robust design, redundant components and tailored services

Crypto helps keep societies and organizations around the globe more secure by safeguarding critical assets through top-level cybersecurity and encryption. Crypto’s solutions are independent, thoroughly proven and easy to use in the field.

Crypto has offices in Switzerland and Sweden and is taking advantage of the geographical proximity of its regional offices in Malaysia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to better understand local factors and provide customers with ideal support to help them face individual challenges.



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