Saudi Crown Prince Inspects Command, Control Center

Photo: SPA Saudi Press Agency (SPA)19.09.2016 Security
Saudi Crown Prince Inspects Command, Control Center

Saudi Crown Prince Inspects Command, Control Center

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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Premier and Interior Minister, who is also the Head of the Supreme Hajj Committee, praised great efforts exerted by security forces and various military sectors to ensure the security and safety of the pilgrims.

He praised security achievements to serve the pilgrims to perform their rituals with ease, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

This came after the Crown Prince paid a visit last week to the command and control center for the security of the pilgrimage, at the headquarters of the General Security, in Mina, to check on security preparations on the field, for the remainder of the days of Tashreeq, immediately fall, afterwards.

Crown Prince drew attention to security efforts in totality, in the Kingdom, urging security men to make more efforts, to underscore the fact that confirms safety and security of the citizen in the homeland.

Expressing pride in the great efforts of all participants in the pilgrimage, he stressed that what touched him is the dedication and sincerity, which make everyone proud of what they offer to serve the pilgrims, until they complete their rituals, safely, and with tranquility.

Then the Crown Prince was briefed at the department of dispatching of modern computer high-tech and sections of the criminal traffic operations, security and coordination and the rest of the security sectors, participating in the pilgrimage sections.

Next, he was briefed on dispatching induced this year, which works to monitor and evaluate guides gathering point for pilgrims, in accordance with the plans approved by the Ministry of Hajj.

The Crown Prince, also, met with Commanders of Hajj Security Forces, following being welcomed by the Director of the Public Security, valuing the importance of this annual visit to the employees of public security, noting that everyone appreciate this visit and assert they will remain always loyal soldiers, loyal to their religion, to their leadership and their homeland.

Earlier, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdul Aziz inspected work at the unified security operations center (911) in Makkah.

The Crown Prince praised what he saw in the center including the techniques and qualified cadres.

He urged everyone to put more effort and work hard to achieve the desired objectives of the center to serve the nation and the citizens.



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