Bittium Tough Mobile Smartphone Receives Information Security Classification

14.12.2015 Security
Bittium Tough Mobile Smartphone Receives Information Security Classification

Bittium Tough Mobile Smartphone Receives Information Security Classification

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Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority has granted approval for the Mobile Security and Public Safety targeted Bittium Tough Mobile LTE smartphone and related device management and information security management system to process National classification level IV (ST IV, national restricted) material. B

Bittium's mobile solution is the first product to receive an official encryption product classification in Finland, which can on top of creating and processing of classified information also transfer material between a smartphone and connected back-end solutions.

Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority's Cyber Security Centre has audited Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone, related Bittium Secure Suite device management system and Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN encryption solution. Based on a thorough auditing Bittium Tough Mobile and its back-end system have been approved to be used as a crypto product, when it is being used to protect National classification level IV (ST IV national restricted) classified material. Evaluation is based on authorities' national Katakri 2015 auditing tool as well as the cryptographic requirements' guideline defined by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

“As an integrated system Bittium Tough Mobile, Bittium Secure Suite and Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN are the first in Finland to pass product approval testing in this extent. Bittium's system enables governmental organizations to set up a secure mobile operating environment for their own applications. Multilayered, software and hardware level information security based solution is a great example of Finnish know-how in developing secure information solutions”, said the Head of Audits and accreditation in National Cyber Security Centre-Finland Aki Tauriainen.

“This milestone is a proof of our crypto technology know-how, as well as Bittium's dedication to Finland's Cyber Security strategy. The information security system fits very well to domestic and international Mobile Security and Public Safety markets, as well as for enterprise markets, where there is a demand for high information security”, said Hannu Huttunen, CEO of Bittium.

Bittium Tough Mobile is an advanced new generation secure smartphone. The device is built for demanding Mobile Security and Public Safety markets. Bittium Tough Mobile's safety features have been built on separate security circuits, which enable information security to function reliably from devices other procedures. Due to the separate circuits the device's software and electronic components integrity can be assured as well as physical attacks can be detected. The devices software is based on open source Android 5.1.1 operating system hardened by Bittium's information security software.

Bittium Secure Suite is a management solution especially designed for Bittium Tough Mobile. The solution enables the devices information security features to be tailored to meet organizations requirements, to be remotely managed and up to date information to be collected from the devices.


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