Public Security Chief: “Terror Crimes in Bahrain Reducing”

Trade Arabia29.07.2014 Security
Public Security Chief: “Terror Crimes in Bahrain Reducing”

Public Security Chief: “Terror Crimes in Bahrain Reducing”

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The crime rate in Bahrain has reduced as authorities deter new threats that aim to destabilize the country, according to a top official.

Public Security Chief Major General Tariq Al Hassan told the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication, the "situation is better" than previous years with crime rates dropping across the five governorates.

“The crime rates and attacks on policemen have decreased and this is because of a combination of factors that include our trained security forces and the hard work of the government,” he said as he inspected several checkpoints.

“There is a big improvement,” he said adding that Police Forces were more prepared to deal with difficult situations.

“Of course we cannot forget the terrorist attack on a Policeman in Eker in which he was killed, but at the same time we are focusing on counter terrorism efforts,” he added.

 He was referring to the death of Mahmood Fareed, who was killed earlier this month when terrorists detonated a homemade bomb with a remote control.

Investigations revealed the officer stepped out of a police car to pray when the bomb went off.

“We have our tactics and are not vulnerable. We are more equipped to deal with thugs and are vigilant. Our aim is to provide the police with the best we can whether that is in terms of training or equipment,” Major General Al Hassan said.



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