Dubai Police Chief Warns of Muslim Brotherhood

Reuters27.07.2012 Security
Dubai Police Chief Warns of Muslim Brotherhood

Dubai Police Chief Warns of Muslim Brotherhood

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Dubai Police Chief Lt-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim has said the Muslim Brotherhood plans to overthrow the governments of Gulf Arab countries which must be ready to counter threats from dissident groups, and from Syria and Iran. He called it an “international plot” against Gulf countries.

The Police Chief was speaking at a Ramadan majlis in Dubai on Wednesday evening. Many Muslim Brotherhood members have come to live in the region and the UAE over the years, said Dhahi, adding: “We are aware of the groups and sleeper cells plotting to overthrow Gulf governments. We should be alert because these groups can create trouble.”

He said the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood is an unprecedented and strange phenomenon and said their method of intervention in other countries is unacceptable and could destabilize the region. “The Brotherhood should know that the Gulf is a red line,” he said.

Iran should not spread its influence in the region, he said. “They will be confronted by all GCC countries if they try to poke their nose into our affairs.”

He said the people of the UAE have chosen their government. The leaders have developed the country and people enjoy freedom of expression and respect in their homeland. “Emiratis are loyal and have faith in their government,” he said.

Dhahi said the Brotherhood should be prosecuted for insulting Emiratis on social media, who have the right to defend their nation and rulers. On the recent crackdown on dissidents, he said some have been detained and efforts are being made to reintroduce them into the mainstream.
The Police Chief also spoke of the dangers of social networking and said there is a need for a stringent monitoring mechanism to prevent abuse on the Net.



Source: Reuters



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