DCI Offers Security to Major International Events

21.10.2011 Security
DCI Offers Security to Major International Events

DCI Offers Security to Major International Events

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As referential partner of the French Ministry of Defense, Defense Conseil International (DCI) is a major key to French Armed Forces and Gendarmerie Nationale’s know-how transfers.

French Security and Defense Forces have been involved in major events over recent years, in particular the 1992 Albertville Olympic Games, the 1998 Football World Cup, the 60th Anniversary of the landings or the Evian G8.

For the security of major international events, DCI can provide services in the following fields:

  • Advice in the general architecture and selection of the necessary equipment and coaching
  • Training of Protection Units (Armed and Internal Forces)
  • Protection of sensitive sites at sea and on land
  • Law enforcement and crowd management
  • Setup of a protection bubble system (ground-to-air means, Active Air Defense Measures, use of drones, nautical protection means, etc.)
  • Conception of the operational employment doctrine
  • Security force command center with interministerial coordination;
  • Audit of sensitive sites and teams specialized in protection

In 2006, DCI contributed its expertise during the 15th edition of the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, a country in which DCI is firmly established.

The company hopes to offer its skills, during future major sports competitions, namely the Football World Cups in Brazil (2014) and Qatar (2022) and the Rio Olympic Games (2016).

By trusting in DCI, the customer country is guaranteed to obtain a service that is an exact match with the requirement expressed.

In the continuation of French institutional cooperation, services are performed by experts from the French Ministry of Defense and Ministry of the Interior by proposing the same skills as French Forces in these matters.

DCI was created in 1972 to assist military equipment sale s to foreign countries. Its main mission consisted of providing operational training courses based on the know-how of the French Armed Forces. DCI is an upper medium size service provider in which the French government is the concurring shareholder. DCI now operates throughout the defense and security spectrum. Culturally close to the Ministry of Defense, DCI offers outsourcing services to foreign countries, for:      

  • Consulting and assistance throughout the life cycle of armament programs
  • Training engineering in the academic, operational, and technical fields.

Lastly, DCI and its subsidiaries have been partners of the French Armed Forces for 10 years within the scope of service contracts and are endeavoring to extend their activities to European Union countries.

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