Saab Barracuda: More than Just Camouflage

06.07.2011 Security
Saab Barracuda: More than Just Camouflage

Saab Barracuda: More than Just Camouflage

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Every two years, Saab Barracuda organises the Signature Management Conference, the last of which took place on 18-19 May 2011 in Västervik, Sweden.

The conference brings together industry, technical and military experts, and thus provides the opportunity to exchange and gain insights into signature management trends, global operational experiences, and lessons learned from today’s battlefield.

In the 1950’s, Saab Barracuda started its camouflage business in Sweden. Since, the company has grown into an international organisation, with operations around the globe and representatives in more than 40 countries.

Today, Saab Barracuda is part of business area of Saab Dynamics and covers the entire field of signature management while providing customised solutions which adapt to the object, environment, and necessary level of needed security.

Camouflage does not only mean hiding from the enemy, but also understanding target indicators to not only move undetected, but also to detect enemy movement.

Saab Barracuda presented the full range of camouflage to the conference participants.

Thomas Honke, who works for the Technical Centre for Protective and Special Technologies and operates in the field of “Camouflage, Signature Management and Counter Measures,” together with Dr. Johan Jersblad, and Karl Antonsson from Saab Barracuda, presented different camouflage systems, including static, mobile, and personal camouflage. These systems have long exceeded the state the art to simply make something nearly invisible or to hide it. In the last years, Saab Barracuda has developed camouflage systems, which are multispectral, lightweight, and easy-to-handle.


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