Rockwell Collins: Enhanced Communication Security Solution

03.12.2010 Security
Rockwell Collins: Enhanced Communication Security Solution

Rockwell Collins: Enhanced Communication Security Solution

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Rockwell Collins has been selected by the U.S. Army's Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) to develop a new, soldier-worn, cross-domain solution to enhance communications security. The solution represents a technological advancement that will enable squadron leaders to exchange information with their soldiers who are not cleared for access to classified information, without the risk of compromising classified data.

As part of the contract, Rockwell Collins will develop a National Security Agency-certifiable, low-cost, small form factor, cross domain solution for the CERDEC Tactical Army Cross Domain Information Solution (TACDIS) program. The Rockwell Collins MicroTurnstile(tm) device can be worn by the warfighter and operates with Nett Warrior soldier equipment, providing bi-directional transfer of data and voice. The device weighs mere ounces and consumes only milliwatts of power, avoiding the need for additional batteries. Rockwell Collins is teamed with Van Dyke Technology Group on the program.
"Our MicroTurnstile(tm) technology uses a secure, hardware-based separation kernel and electronics miniaturization to produce a low-power device to support the soldier's mission," said Alan Caslavka, Vice President and General Manager of Surface Solutions for Rockwell Collins.

With the growing demand for protecting the information shared across security classifications and with coalition partners at the tactical edge, Rockwell Collins continues to develop trusted, highly robust cross domain solutions technology based on our Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) Advanced Architecture MicroProcessor Version 7 (AAMP7) security processor. The AAMP7's ability to maintain separation between classification levels is mathematically analyzed and verified with a degree of rigor that is unmatched. Information sharing at the tactical edge crosses all security classifications, from top secret to unclassified.


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