Cassidian-NEXThink Cooperate on Cyber Security

09.10.2010 Security
Cassidian-NEXThink Cooperate on Cyber Security

Cassidian-NEXThink Cooperate on Cyber Security

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Cassidian and NEXThink announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement on the integration of NEXThink software into the solutions and offerings of Cassidian Cyber Security Solutions. The agreement will enable the two companies to offer their respective customers new and innovative services in the defense, aviation, space and security markets.

Through this agreement the two firms are combining their expertise and their human, technical and logistical resources to provide unique end-to-end service offerings, especially as regards technology for computer crime prevention, risk management and the setting up of network and security operations centers (NOC and SOC).

By integrating the other company’s innovative solutions in its cyber security packages, Cassidian enables NEXThink to forge ahead with its expansion on the international defense and security markets. NEXThink brings Cassidian expertise on the steering of governance, risk handling, and information and communication system performance. Specifically, the NEXThink V3 solution provides instant visibility and documents the activities and habitual practices at all workstations, thus facilitating the secure, optimized management of those workstations – which is a prerequisite for reducing incidents and the cost of ownership, enhancing user experience and ensuring that the workstations remain secure and operational.

 “First and foremost, this agreement stems from the discovery that our NOC/SOC products and the technologies of NEXThink are able to complement one another in technical terms. This integration enables us to respond efficiently to the challenges of protection against cyber attacks. In addition to technical cooperation, the agreement with NEXThink allows us to re-examine our research concepts and our innovative product offerings internally and to move into new markets,” declares Denis Gardin, Head of Cassidian Cyber Security Solutions.

Founded in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2004, NEXThink has become the leading desktop monitoring company with its NEXThink V3 solution, winner of numerous international awards, which permits real-time collection, modeling and analysis of all actions taken and connections made with the company networks and servers from individual workstations. With more than 500,000 licenses sold, NEXThink has established a presence with over 80 major customers including the entire French Ministry of Defense and other large institutional accounts.

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