Bahrain to Better Police its Seas

10.06.2010 Security

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Bahrain is bringing in new technology to protect its borders after an almost 10-fold increase in violations by fishermen between 2006 and last year.

Figures show that 8 Bahrainis were caught straying into the territorial waters of other countries in 2006 and this rose to 12 in 2007, 36 in 2008, and 78 last year.
Plans are also underway to establish an e-Border to protect Bahrain's territorial waters and follow the movements of fishermen, said Bahrain Coastguard Commander Colonel Ala'a-Eddine Seyadi.

It will consist of highly sensitive radars, long distance surveillance cameras, and detection devices. 'The radars are already operating within the coastguard team.The next step is installing the cameras. Then every new vessel in Bahrain will be fitted with a detection device to avert any infiltration to neighbouring territorial waters', said Col. Seyadi.

Col. Seyadi stressed that the Bahrain Coastguard was being modernised to better police the seas, including a fleet upgrade and new coastal surveillance system. 'Vessels will be roaming the borders to ensure the protection of the country and safety of fishermen,' he said.

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