Yemen Receives 1st U.S. Reconnaissance Aircraft

Associated Press (AP)18.09.2013 Yemen
Yemen Receives 1st U.S. Reconnaissance Aircraft

Yemen Receives 1st U.S. Reconnaissance Aircraft

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Yemen's Defense Minister said his country has received two U.S. reconnaissance airplanes, its first delivery of the aircraft as part of an aid package to help fight terrorism.

Yemeni state television aired footage of Major General Mohammed Nasser at an Air Force Base earlier this week greeting U.S. pilots who will continue training Yemeni counterparts on how to use the new aircraft.

The training and aircraft come after Washington relaunched efforts to aid the struggling nation.

U.S. defense officials say Washington has delivered more than a dozen helicopters to the Yemeni military this year.

During his recent visit to Washington, Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi asked President Barack Obama to provide his country with drone technology.

Washington's drone war in Yemen has expanded under Obama, killing hundreds of alleged militants.


Source: The Associated Press – AP; Photo: Reuters



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