First Three Days of IDEX & NAVDEX Conclude with US$5.2 Billion Deals

22.02.2023 UAE
First Three Days of IDEX & NAVDEX Conclude with US$5.2 Billion Deals

First Three Days of IDEX & NAVDEX Conclude with US$5.2 Billion Deals

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Tawazun Council signed 9 deals, worth AED 5.7 billion (US$ 1.55 billion), with local and international companies on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, and two deals worth AED 134 million (US$ 36.5 million) on behalf of Abu Dhabi Police on the third day of the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) and the Naval Defence Exhibition (NAVDEX) 2023, bringing the total number contracts signed today to 11, with a total value of AED 5.83 billion (US$1.59 billion).

This makes the cumulative value of the deals announced so far AED 18.44 billion (US$ 5.02 billion) for 34 deals.

The announcement was made during a press conference held by Tawazun Council’s official Spokesmen Majed Ahmed Al Jaberi and Zayed Saeed Al Meraikhi.

Zayed Al Meraikhi said: “The total number of contracts Tawazun Council signed on behalf of the Ministry of Defense were 9 contracts with a total value of AED 5.7 billion. They include 4 local companies, with a total value of AED 5.05 billion, while the number of contracts signed with international companies has reached 5 contracts with a total value of AED 694 million.

Al Meraikhi stated: “We will continue to work alongside the Ministry of Defense, security agencies, and Abu Dhabi Police.”

The biggest contract - worth AED 4 billion, was awarded to Earth, a subsidiary of EDGE Group to develop tactical data link network. Another contract, worth AED 1 billion, was signed with EDGE Group’s subsidiary Halcon to procure Al Tariq system.

A contract worth AED 28 million was signed with International Diving Trade to provide technical support to the boats workshop.

An AED 27 million contract was signed with International Golden Group (IGG) to procure scanning and monitoring devices.

The international contracts announced Wednesday included two with France’s Thales, one is worth AED 176 million to provide technical support for the GM-200 radars and the other is an AED 6 million contract to provide technical support and training on CMS.

The other two signed contracts were an AED 407 million contract with the French company Naval Group, to procure Anti-Torpedoes’ CANTO systems AND mu-90 torpedoes.

Also signed is an AED 68 million contract with the US company Kaman to procure a proximity fuze and a contract worth AED 37 million with Frequentis AG of Austria to develop operation center.

Al Jaberi detailed the two AED 134 million deals signed on behalf of Abu Dhabi Police, including a contract worth AED 62 million with Leonardo of Italy to procure an AW139 Helicopter and an AED 72 million contract with Nimr, a subsidiary of EDGE Group, to procure Ajban vehicle 4X4.



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